I am fat.

I am awkward.

I am bad at most things.

I am not what most guys go for.

I am .. a little psycho.

Somedays I look like trash.

I am not very girly.

I am weird.

I am very open and honest about myself.. But whenever I say the things listed above.. People are always quick to say… “No.. don’t say that” or “Why do you always put yourself down”?

Listen… I’m not putting myself down at all. I am happy with myself. In the same breath .. i can say…

I am amazing, I am confident, I am pretty damn awesome, I am beautiful, I am strong.

But i’m also honest. I am fat. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think i’m beautiful. Fat is just an adjective… the only meaning it has is that which is placed upon it by an individual. “Fat” = unattractive in this society so you feel inclined to tell me i’m not… but i don’t need you to.

I will say i am fat and be proud because I am happy with my body and myself. I will shout it from the rooftops because i want the world to change the negative connotation behind the word. Fat is not synonymous with unattractive… and for me… it’s just an adjective to describe the fact that I wear plus sized clothes… and guess what? … I fucking slay in them!